0437 400 009 National Director: Philip Patlur

Malawi (Africa)

Satish & Mary Shyla

Goal: A$1,400 per month

Project is not Tax deductible

Support IEM Indian workers in Africa (Malawi)

Satish & Mary Shyla with their daughter Amy are our senior proved field missionaries.

They have been involved in church planting in Bhatinda, Punjab State and  now in Haryana. Satish is a very effective soul winner. IEM plans to send them to Malawi in Africa to reach the Gujarati community through our partner Mission SIM. They completed the orientation program of SIM in Singapore last year.  Satish has undergone hotel management training in order to set up a tea shop in Malawi and serve God. The monthly support need is $1400. They are eagerly waiting to take off to Malawi as soon as the international situation becomes normal from coronavirus. Hopefully they may go in September 2020.  As mentioned we cannot do any financial support from India but by our partners from other countries only we can do. In this regard you can extend your territory if the Lord is leading. 

Estimated Financial Support : The living expenses per month for Rev & Mrs Satish is $ 1400.


One of the objectives of  Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM) is to challenge Indian Christians to realize their responsibility for world evangelization  and to recognize their partnership with other Christians in the world in fulfilling the Great Commission by raising the needed financial and prayer support among the Christians for the MISSION.

IEM is committed to honor the people who are committed to serve in other countries. In sending the missionaries to overseas IEM cannot send directly to other countries. So IEM sends in partnership with other overseas missionary movements like OMF, SIM, Inter Serve, etc. There is a challenge in sending the finance from India owing to the nature of the registration IEM. So the funds are raised from other countries from the friends of IEM and the partners to send for their living expenses to the sending Mission.