0437 400 009 National Director: Philip Patlur

Alipurduar District, West Bengal

Help families that can not afford schooling for their children

Goal: $10,920 pa for 70 kids

Project is not Tax deductible

Adopt a day care centre for children of the Sadri people:

IEM runs 12 Hostels 16 Day care centers, 1200 Children are taken care by the Child care ministries of Indian Evangelical Mission.

Name and Location of Project

Jeevan Jyoti Day Care Centre, Birpara – Alipurduar District, West Bengal.

Beneficiaries of the project: 

Ministry to the Sadri people:  People Group:   Sadri tribal people landless migrants from the State of Jharkhand, Chota Nagpur Region have settled in the Tea Estates as daily laborers in the area of Jalpaiguri and New Alipurduar Districts of West Bengal.  They are restricted from doing any other labour works apart from working in the Tea Gardens.Lack of schools within the reachable distance, their children are not able to go to schools.   Due to this varied situation school drop outs are in numerous. Children are again forced to follow the same paths as of their parents, to have a life living with restrictions, manipulations and in constant control of somebody as the family lives in the Tea Garden provided small sheds/ houses.

The Need 

The cost of education is beyond the affordability for the Sadri people. So, IEM’s main aim and objectives of this Day Care project is to help the Sadri Children to break free from their chain of bondages through education. Nurture young lives to live for a better tomorrow and to become better citizens of the country. IEM hopes that through this project the number of drop out children may reduce and embrace education for brighter future. IEM could start this DCC in August 2019.

Impact of the project: 

Scope, Outcome and the Impact:  The Child Care Ministry of IEM provides the basic educational privileges to the under privileged through Day Care Center, Education ignites hope and transforms lives completely towards exploring new horizons. Through this Day Care Center, IEM hope to build a bridge between us and the Sardis so that we can help them to realize the power of education and spread the gospel too. Bible Translation, Literacy Ethno, Arts and Esther Story Telling (Women) initiatives are also done by IEM here.

Activities: Everyday 2-3 hours (either in the morning before going to school / evening after coming from the school) Children will come for the DCC.  Spiritual teachings and Academic teachings are enhanced.  Snacks will be distributed and occasional special meals are given.  Note Books and some essential stationeries are given for the children.

Estimation:  Number of of Children: 70 

Cost Per Child: A$13 per month;  Monthly Expenses: $910; Yearly Expenses: $10,920 


Project Execution Plan: 16 Day care centers are run by IEM and we look for sponsorship to continue the project. 10 new Day Care Centre are approved by the board of IEM    once a post Covid 19, it may start.