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Odisha (India)

A$9248 pa to give 60 kids an education

Goal: $9428 pa for 60 kids

Project is not Tax deductible

Adopt of a Day Care Centre for the Ho Hill Tribe people


IEM runs 12 Hostels 16 Day care centers, 1200 Children are taken care by the Child care ministries of Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM).

Project name and location

Jeevan Jyoti Day Care Centre, Baliposi, Ho Field, Odisha (India)

Ministry to HO tribes of Odisha 

Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM) started the ministry among the Ho tribes in 1986 in Mayurbhanjarea one of the tribal dominated districts of Odisha and it is situated in north of Odisha, surrounded by Jharkhand and West Bengal States. The Ho people group stays in the dense forest, isolating themselves from other civilized society. The Ho population is more than 15,00,000 in Odisha, out of this around 5,00,000 are living in Karanjia Mandal. Ho people used to worship spirit, eat & drink, dance and live merrymaking.  Immorality was common for them. Though they have lands, they are mostly daily laborers. They don’t care for the educating their children. The Lord has opened the hearts of the Ho tribes to the Gospelas a result 23 worship centers are there amidst all kinds of opposition, right from the beginning of the field.  

The Need

The ministry is growing in the field and there are baptisms every year and new churches are being built among the Ho people. Along with church planting, Bible translation took place, in March 3rd 2019 in their language New Testament dedicated.

There are no proper education facilities.  In order to build the life in the godly way and to develop their potential in right way, IEM started its initiative of having a Day Care Center, apart from already having a Girls’ hostel.   

Impact of the project

Scope, Outcome and the Impact: Within 10 - 12 years, we may produce God-fearing children to become Government officials, qualitative Christian workers and a generation with a positive attitude towards the Gospel. The impact of the reinstated values will revitalize the children to become effective communicators of Christian faith. “A mature, literate HO Church, having the Whole Bible, is based on 4S (self-support, self-governing, self-propagation, and self-contextualization) principles of having NT in hand, bringing wholistic transformation in the Society”

Activities: Everyday 2-3 hours (either in the morning before going to school / evening after coming from the school) Children will come for the DCC.  Spiritual teachings and Academic teachings are enhanced.  Snacks will be distributed and occasional special meals are given.  Note Books and some essential stationeries are given for the children.  

Estimation:  No of Children: 60 

Per Child: $13 per month:  Monthly Expenses: $ 785 /- Yearly Expenses: $9428

Project Execution Plan: 16 Day care centers are run by IEM and we look for sponsorship to continue the project. 10 new Day Care Centre are approved by the board of IEM once a post Covid 19, it may start.