0437 400 009 National Director: Philip Patlur

Toyaput. Kuvi Mission Field Odisha

Safer, more reliable transport for school kids

Goal: A$31,220 (vehicle & shed)

Project is not Tax deductible

A Van (and shed) for Jivan Jothi Boys Hostel

The Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM) started the ministry among Kuvi people group who live in a hilly place in Odisha in the year 2002. The Lord gave the breakthrough among them as they received theGospel.  There are 291 baptized believers and every year about 30 baptisms are held. 16 worship groups and 8 church buildings are constructed and a new church was dedicated on 10th January 2020.

Hostel ministry: 

IEM found that the children were without school and the believers were helpless to send their children to school, so IEM started a hostel for boys in 2011 and it had been running in a rental building. The Lord was gracious and IEM could construct a new hostel building withmini mum requirements to accommodate 50 children and dedicated it on 9th January 2020.The hostel is now functions from the new building in Toyaput, Koraput Odisha.  35 children are studying from 2nd standard to 10th standard.  

Need for a vehicle: 

The children had to go to the school in Laxmipur which is 8 kms and to Gouduguda for CBSE School which is 15 km from the hostel. There is no regular transportation or buses for the school-going children there is a need for a new vehicle for transportation of Hostel children to the Schools.  This would help the children travel safely by IEM vehicle, cheaper than the rental vehicle and children can come to hostel early and save time.

The proposed vehicles: Force Toofan/Cruiser Classic.(11+D) 2.6DUAL AC PS ABS. 12 seated


1. Transporting all the children to School trip to Laxmipur & Goduguda.

2. Suitable to the village roads

3. More than one trip and in different direction is possible without much difficulty

4. One driver is enough to drive the vehicle.

5. It can be used for marketing and for the welfare of the Hostel.

6. Emergency trip to the hospital

Financing needs:

Vehicle - A$28,520

Shed - A$2,700

Total cost = A$31,220

For more details on this project contact Friends of IEM.