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Increase the effectiveness of missionaries and admin staff


Project is not Tax deductible

Need of Computers and Laptops for the Ministry of Indian Evangelical Mission.

The Leadership of Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM) is spread across the Country in different levels for effective, execution, communication, Pastoral care and for Administration.  Therefore there is a need for them to have good computers and laptops to communicate, report to the Leadership and carry out their responsibilities effectively.


The Laptop will enable them to keep the data ready and can be used in different places as they go to the Mission casting programmes as well as ministry in the fields to screen the Christian educational movies. The data can be upgraded periodically. In time of transfer or handing over this will enable them for a smooth transition.

Needs and Cost

Field Ministries - 5 laptops (5 x A$600) = A$3,000

Church Ministries - 5 laptops (5 x A$600) = A$3,000

Head Office - 1 laptop = A$600

Head Office - 3 desktops (1 x $620 + 2 x $620) = A$1,860

Plus, purchase of some Windows 10 pro OS  (4 x $60) = A$240

Project Total = A$8,700

Futher Details

More details on this project are available from Friends of IEM.