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Can you buy a motor bike to help the effectiveness of our missionaries? (8 needed)

Goal: $1,735 per bike

Project is not Tax deductible

Motor bikes for Indian Missionaries

Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM) recruits new missionaries every year and there is a need to place them in different places in India.  We have missionaries in Church ministries who mobilising the missionary work among the churches and raise funds for missionary work. 

IEM provides motor bikes to missionaries to carry out the ministry in the given area.  Missionary couples go as a family to different places at different times and they cover a wide area of ministry.  They are working in the remote villages where the transport facilities are not available. In some of the places they have to travel from the main road to the interior villages to share the Gospel. In some of the villages bus facilities are not available in the evenings but our missionaries conduct night meetings and come in the late night to their residence. So the missionaries are in need of Motor Bikes.  


Missionaries who are directly involved in sharing the Gospel to the unevangelised  people  in the villages are in the Field Ministries and others are in leadership and in Office work who also relate to both Church Ministries and field Ministries as well carry out the Official work. The bikes will enable them to reach more villages and be available to the people at any time to meet the needs of the people. This will save the time and also the ministry area can be extended. Therefore the following missionaries are in need of motor bikes for their respective responsibilities and ministry.

Project Need

Eight missionaries across six Indian states are in need of a motor bike.

Each bike costs approx A$1,735.

Total cost for 8 bikes = A$13,880