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FIEMA, which stands for 'Friends of Indian Evangelical Mission Australia', are Christians in Australia who have entered into partnership with the Indian Evangelical Mission(IEM), to support, promote, and pray for the Mission.

FIEMA seeks to promote the interests of the Indian Evangelical Mission by informing Australian Christians about the work done by IEM missionaries, and raising financial and prayer support for the Mission.

Our Mission

To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the un evangelized areas in India and abroad and to plant churches among unreached people groups.

Our Vision

The Gospel to every person and a Church among every people group.

Our Pillars

Vision, Faith and sacrifice

IEM Basics

  • IEM is a Prayer Movement depending on God for its resources and guidance
  • IEM is a Pioneering Movement in moving to the new places to share the message of Christ
  • IEM is a People Movement by identifying, developing people and entrusting the work
  • IEM is a Partnership Movement in sharing the message of Christ in the communities for holistic impact through partnership with the churches
  • It is an interdenominational and indigenous Mission in its outlook and operation
  • It looks to God for all its concerns by faith

IEM Today

IEM has celebrated 50 years in 2015. We have 930 Mission workers serving in 28 States among 146 different people groups. Around 25 missionaries are recruited every year. We are involved in Evangelism, Church planting, Bible translation and Scripture engagement. In 59 languages, Literacy work, Tribal hostels and Day care centres, Medical ministry, socio economic development work, relief work, Leadership development and Short term Bible schools. We conduct workshops for families, Church leaders and Christian workers in different churches. We publish our Outreach magazine in different languages.

Our Charity Registration in Australia

FIEMA operates under two companies registered under the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Act 2012

  • Friends of IEM Australia Ltd
  • Friends of IEM Australia Relief and Development Ltd

Friends of IEM Australia Ltd is a not-for-profit charity with an objective to advance Christian faith particularly focusing on–

  • Motivating and challenging Christians for world outreach and Christian care
  • Promoting the mission and ministries of Indian Evangelical Mission India

FIEMA Relief and Development Ltd is a not-for-profit charity with an objective to provide public benevolent relief in India.